Monthly Payment Policies

Our office works on a monthly payment system, as opposed to the fee-for-service relationship in most practices. The consequences of this are as follows:

  • The relationship between us and our patients is maintained by on-time payments.

  • Failure to pay monthly payments within a reasonable length of time is regarded as termination of our relationship as the patient’s physician.

Because of this, we have the following policies regarding monthly payments (as outlined in our “Terms and Conditions”):

  • The practice requests that members set up recurring billing via automatic draft from credit/debit card or funds transfer from a bank account to ensure that payment is on time.

  • Those who choose to not set up automatic draft/funds transfer will be expected to pay the first two months' monthly fees at the time of the first visit. Those who set up this payment will start recurring billing on the day of their first visit.

  • Those requesting the ability to be invoiced each month are expected to pay that invoice within 7 days of the date of billing or incur a $10 late fee.

  • Credit/Debit card payments that are denied or rejected will incur a $10 processing fee.

  • Failure to make a payment within 30 days of the due date will cause membership to be suspended, with services not being given by the practice until all owed payments are received.

  • Failure to make a payment within 60 days of the due date will cause membership to be terminated. To re-join the practice, the member goes to the end of any waiting list that exists, must come to the office and sign agreements again, and will be required to pay both the registration fee and two month’s monthly fees before resuming as an active patient.

We do not encourage patients to pay in advance, nor do we give discounts for such payments. We do, however, accept such payment when patients desire to do so.